Tools for the Working Animator

Being an Animator is fun, but animation can get complicated fast.
Here you'll find lots of tools to remind you why you love your job!
From very basic tutorials to the newest free software that can do JUST that thing you're looking for -
Browse the categories below to get going:

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Take a Break Between Key Frames...

... Explore different types of animation, try a new animation technique, or even catch up on a little history!

Why Flash?

Flash is just a tool.
I love it because it's such immediate gratification LOL!
Anyway, it's becoming practically impossible to use just one software for EVERYTHING (and getting all the different programs to work together is so much fun... ;-)

There are more animation software than you might realize:
I've divided them to categories according to animation technique.
Many are free and very good - find the one that works for YOU!

Happy Animating!
- Netta,
the Flying Animator