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Treats for Animators:

  • Stick figure animation references - Insert your own designs into the existing animation
  • No code

Heart Animations

heart animation

Heart Animation

Start and stop

heart cartoon

Heart Cartoons

Classic animation in Flash

Animation Reference

kid running

Walk Cycle and Run Cycle

Start and stop

whip action

Whip Action

Classic, Cut-out and Bone-tool versions

Christmas Templates

Christmas Templates

Christmas Lights Fla

Open source FLA

whip action

Cartoon Deer

Classic animation run cycle

Sun Animations

smiling sun character

Sun Characters

Blink symbols

sun animation

Graphic Suns

Easy to change colors

Weather Animation

snow animation

Snow Animation

seemless loop,
easy to change flake design

rain animation

Rain Animation

Start, loop, stop, ripples, reflection mask

Using Your Files

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