Become an Animator

Animation is a great adventure! To become an animator, you'll need different skills, such as  storytelling, drawing, and technical abilities.

I hope the tutorials and articles on this website will help you take the first steps in this wonderful creative universe:


animation software

List of Animation Software, free and professional, for making all types of animation


Animation technique - cut out animation

Find out about different Animation techniques, Types of Animation, History and more!

Tools for Animators

The ever popular Storyboard Templates are right here.

If you are looking for the Flash Animation tutorials, they are all here.

This website started out as an online supplement for a Flash animation course I used to teach. The world of animation has moved on, but some of the basic principles still apply even for the current versions of Animate CC.

I'm no longer updating this part of the site, but the original tuts are still available.