Tools For The Working Animator


The ever popular Storyboard Templates are here, and much more!


List of Animation Software, free and professional, for making all types of animation


Find out about different Animation techniques, Types of Animation, History and more!

It's about the WORK.

It's about How to tell your Story.

Which tool to use?
There are so many animation techniques, how to pick the right one for your project?
There are so many softwares - which one can do what you need it to do?
Do you use a tool to tell a story - or use a story to test a new tool ?

And if you're not an animator - you came here because you need one! -
How to hire an animator?
Animators - How to hire a client? 
Who needs your talent, and where do you meet them?

The Flying Animator is on a journey to help animators everywhere to get the job done.