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The most amazing thing about animation is this:
It moves!!
To create a realistic movement, and a convincing sense of weight and force, jump in right into these

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Becoming an Animator

Animation only exists in the 4th dimension, Time.

Without the passage of time, all you have is a bunch of still images, or a lump of clay.
You will see that Animation really is all about TIME:

Here you will learn how to turn a day into 10 seconds:

One day of your life
10 seconds of animation
More or less :-)

A Big Studio might hire you for a Big Movie to create one or two seconds a day.
An animator on a Low Budget production can produce 2 minutes a day, but whether that’s good or bad depends what you are trying to achieve.

The tutorials in this section of the site will give you the basic principles of animation. 
There are however more animation tuts on, some of them are pretending to be Flash Tutorials, and Animal Animations Tuts, so do browse around!

There are many ways to animate, as many as there are imaginative people.
Find out about different Types of Animation, and if you've ever wondered how computer animation works, click here to find out!

Let me also recommend this book: 
The Animator's Survival Kit, by Richard Williams.

I have my own dog-eared copy. It's not sitting on a shelf - it's right next to my computer where I can reach it easily. Richard Williams has done for Animators what Mendeleev did for Chemists - he organized all the elements in one place.

One thing is certain:

You really need to love what you are doing.
Animating can be a lot of work.

You really do love it, huh?
Yeah, me too :-)

Let’s animate!

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