Stop Motion Animation Software

You can start making stop motion animation with very little:
All you need is a camera (webcam, or your cellphone) and a program that can put your frames on a timeline.

Monkeyjam for making stopmotion

A proper stop motion animation software can do incredible things, such as control a robot camera-arm for track shots and use an electronic grease pencil to help you plan the character's movements.

But you can make beautiful things with any digital camera,  and any animation software or editing or compositing program, as long as it allows you to import an image sequence.

List of Free Stop Motion Animation Software


Simple and very friendly. Hook it up to your webcam and you're good to go.
Originally a 2d animation software, it now has a built in Stop motion feature.

  • Totally free
  • PC only

Documentation does not list Windows 7, but it works fine on mine.

Mac: the developer states that "Some users have reported success using MonkeyJam on OSX running Virtual PC and may work on Linux running WINE."

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Aniboom Widget - animate online

MicroSmotion page on Aniboom

Hook up your webcam - and Animate!

This widget below will capture your images, turn them into a small gif animation, and allow you to mail your creation to your friends :-)

List of Full Featured Stop Motion Programs

Stop Motion Pro

stopmotion software

The software that "Wallace and Gromit" were filmed with.
Enthusiast and Professional versions.

  • Free trial period
  • PC only
  • Can run on a Mac that runs Windows

Dragon Stop Motion

"Coraline" was made with this software.

  • 30 days Free trial version
  • Mac (listed first!) and PC compatible

AnimatorHD - (formerly AnimatorDV)


Stop motion and timelapse software, used for the Oscar winning "Peter And The Wolf"

  • Free demo version, limited to 1 minute and watermarked
  • For PC and Mac with Boot Camp or Fusion

A Totally Free Version:

AnimatorDV Simple+ Free for Any Use 

The download link on cnet


  • Free trial, will run 10 times and other limitations
  • PC only

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