Storyboard Syllabus

This collection of books will walk you through the basics of storyboarding and story-telling.

They cover the ABC's of cinematography, how to tell a story with pictures, some drawing techniques and drawing perspective, and also a couple of books that are simply a feast for the eyes:

How to Create a Storyboard

Directing the Story

Directing the Story: Professional Storytelling and Storyboarding Techniques for Live Action and Animation

A course in storyboarding. Covers all the aspects of putting a story into pictures.

Animation Background Layout

An excellent, hands-on and straight to the point book on drawing and planning layouts.

Fowler walks you through camera angles, drawing perspective and all the nuts and bolts of building the stage for your story:
(As far as I know it came out in a limited edition, but it's worth trying to get your hands on a copy. Maybe we could convince Mr. Fowler to print another edition?)

Shot by Shot

The ABC of making a movie.
Although it's about live action film making, animators too will find it pure gold.

With storyboard examples from films such as "Citizen Kane" and "Blade runner", here is a chance to learn all "the rules" of directing a film - and also some tips on how to break them :-)

The Art of the Matrix


When this book came out I was in art school, and there was a 4 week waiting list for it in the library. We huddled together on the stairs and drooled over the pages.

What makes this book so unusual is the comic-book feel of it.
Basically, it is a storyboard of almost the entire first Matrix film, but the Wachowski brothers had it drawn like a comic strip. The visual result is as incredible as the movie.

Also, consider the storyboarder's challenge in communicating a complicated and ground breaking cinematographic language.
How great is that - to be the first to put in visual form what "bullet time" looks like!
The Matrix is one of those films that create a whole new universe, and I love finding out about the back story of all the little details that give a fantasy it's soul. 

One of my favorite "making of" book of all times.

Art of Star Wars

Star Wars is the king of concept art.

There are lots of Star Wars Art books - just dive in and let yourself be lost in the rich imagination of some of the worlds best illustrators:

More directions

You might wish to explore these:



Cohen Brothers films: 
They don't move without a storyboard and I always get the feeling that I can "See The Storyboard" when I watch one of their movies.

Blank storyboard templates - Free Downloads!

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