Animation Articles

This section has two parts:
Articles about Animation - What types there are, how they are done and what for,
And Articles about actually making it - workshops and stories from the work itself.

About Animation

Ever wondered how computer animation actually works?
What's the difference between Classic Animation and Cut-out Animation, and where did it all start?

The articles in this section will give you a bird's-eye overview about the rich world of animation:

Types of Animation

Find out what's the difference between 2D Animation, 3D, Stop Motion and more.

Animation Techniques

FInd out about the many different ways there are to make animation.

How Does computer Animation Work

An overview of the major principles of 3D animation.

Cut-out Animation History

From the first animation ever made (probably) to South Park - cut out animation is fast and easy and sometimes dirty which makes it such a great place to start your animation career!


It's animation with real people and live world objects - Strange and beautiful.

What is a Storyboard?

Who uses it, and why it's such an important part of any animation production.

Body Worlds Exhibition

Learning anatomy is an important part of becoming an artist. 
Animators especially need to know how the skeleton and muscles work together, if they hope to bring a character to life. 
This is an account of my visit to one of the Body Worlds exhibitions - it was unforgettable.

Recording Voice Talents for Animation
A Master Class with Animation Director Hanan Albert Kaminsky

Character Design - A Stroll with Famous Felines

Thoughts on character design, with the help of the Internet's biggest stars - cats!